EMR consultants are in way much more demand than ever before. With the announcement of government’s plans of incentive payments to eligible EMR users, physicians and healthcare providers are using these systems a lot than before.
Therefore, a consultant’s job is not easy anymore. They need to keep pace with all the latest happening in the world of healthcare. But how do you find out if your EMR consultant is up to speed? 

Let’s find out.

Competitor knowledge
Your EMR consultant must have a thorough understanding of all the competitors in the market that are out there. He/she must be able to tell their strengths and weaknesses and should be able to narrow the choices down for you keeping in mind your exact requirements.

Government policies
The Healthcare sector is evolving with every passing day. It is very important for your EMR consultant to be aware of the regulatory changes that are taking place. Knowledge of all the laws governing the usage of EMR system is a must. 

Meaningful Use policies
While Meaningful Use Stage 1 was fairly easy to implement, Stage 2 is quite difficult to understand properly. According to a research, only 5% of the physicians and hospital networks meet Stage 2 requirements. You must confirm that your EMR consultant has all the knowledge when it comes to Meaningful Use Stage 2 and is able to help you choose a software which will comply with it.

Associated costs
Costing is also a crucial aspect your EMR consultant needs to be aware of. He/she should know detailed pricing plans for all the products available in the market and must be able to select the one that meets your requirements and budget.

ROI analysis
Another important aspect of a good EMR consultant is his/her ability to make a ROI analysis. Total software costs, setup costs, hardware costs, support and maintenance and its impact on productivity are some of the factors must be evaluated in a ROI analysis by your EMR consultant.